Optima WFM have become an integral part of the ongoing success of Well Done Contact Centres

“Through Optima we have been able to tap into global best practice Workforce Management, which has generated superior results in forecasting our workload, planning and scheduling our workforce, and managing our service levels – all at a significantly lower cost than performing the same tasks internally. Optima’s staff are experts in delivering strong results in contact centre WFM, and the communication channels that they have set up have meant
that despite outsourcing a key element of our business, our Operations Management are kept in touch with each step of the WFM process.

Our relationship with Optima WFM is a true partnership – from the moment we first partnered with them they have taken a keen interest in our company, in how we define and measure success and in how we service our clients. Optima consider our success to be their success, and our challenges to be theirs to help us resolve. The result has been lower costs for Well Done, improved employee engagement and satisfaction and a superior standard of service our our clients and their customers.”

Judy Potter
Managing Director
Well Done Contact Centres

Optima WFM have become an integral part of the ongoing success of MultiRational

“Since engaging Optima WFM, MultiRational has not only seen significant efficiency increases but we also have more knowledge of what our staff are doing, and what we need them to be doing. This means we are in a stronger position to develop and upskill our employees and add further value to our clients and their customers. Our path to improved customer satisfaction and stronger employee engagement is clearer than ever, and our partnership with Optima presents significant cost savings to our business.”

Graham Gulliver