WFM Software

Optima WFM partner with Teleopti, one of the leading providers of WFM software that can be scaled and customized to match almost any contact centre needs.

Teleopti is frequently ranked among the best WFM software packages available by users and is the WFM partner of choice for many of the world’s leading organizations.

Optima WFM began as a provider of WFM services, not as a re-seller of WFM software, so our decision to partner with Teleopti was based solely on our finding that Teleopti WFM is THE superior WFM platform.

But being the best means costing more surely? Optima WFM’s unique operating model and close relationship with Teleopti allow us to pass on significant savings to our clients – and provide superior service, in the areas of training and mentoring your staff in the use of Telelopti and in creating overall best practices in WFM.