WFM Team Hosting

The Right Talent at the Right Price

Recruiting and retaining WFM talent can be a huge challenge – Optima WFM can shoulder this challenge for you.

Optima’s Hosted Team allows you to keep the role of managing your WFM in house, but not have to worry about the challenge of recruiting and retaining those staff. Additionally with offshore locations, fewer training requirements and low attrition, Optima’s hosted employee option costs considerably less than operating the same team internally.

What it means?

Optima will

Recruit talented WFM and MIS staff to fill any position on a dedicated basis. Provide office space and facilities, IT support and employee engagement. Cover payroll and a premium array of benefits. Manage and motivate staff, providing coaching and training as required and discussed with our clients.

You will

Manage process and software, set standards, provide training