Workforce Optimization and Management

workforce-optimization-and-managementAll of Optima’s WFM products can be delivered either through your existing WFM solution or via software from one of our partners. We will provide a solution matched to your existing ACD and provide one price for everything including software licenses, server rental and WFM execution saving you both capital and current costs.

Resource Planning
Optima offers a comprehensive long term and short term forecasting, planning and scheduling service using best of breed technology and expert Workforce planners, working closely with our clients to produce more accurate forecasts, timely hiring plans, efficient schedules and a focus on our clients’ Key Performance Indicators.

Clients are involved in all aspects of the process but the work is performed by highly trained and effective specialists in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost of doing it on-shore. Weekly presentation of the hiring plan and schedules and client sign off on all recommendations means you lose no control over the performance of your center but gain valuable expertise from Optima’s expert team.

The result is higher, more consistent Service Levels at higher Occupancy, meaning our clients save money, increase efficiency and foster more client and employee satisfaction.

Real Time Management
A plan is only as good as its implementation. Optima supports our clients by backing up the hiring plans and schedules with expert real time management. Our analysts are constantly in touch with client operations management, monitoring queue performance, schedule adherence, and updating plans in real time to match forecast or performance variances.

The result is lower shrinkage and less impact to Service Levels of any off phone time or variation from the schedule. Real time updates based on actual forecast variances results in minimizing the impact of unexpectedly high volumes and maximizing the use of time during periods of unexpectedly low volumes – all at a lower cost.


NPS and Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Analytics

surveys-and-analyticsKnowing how our customers and employees feel is essential. Stratagem develops customer and employee satisfaction surveys customised for our client’s needs. We provide  design, delivery, consolidation and thorough analytics along with recommendations. Being a third party, customers and employees are often  more inclined to open up to Optima, take confidence in anonymity and  provide you with the answers you need.

We provide both Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and detailed surveys regarding interaction channels that help determine the route cause of dissatisfaction and highlight the causes of satisfaction.